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Our Practice

Subrogation and Property Damage

'America' at the Custom House, foot of Broadway in Manhattan. One of four allegorical groups  designed by Daniel Chester French. Creedon & Gill delivers aggressive and expert litigation services to their clients whether litigating a high profile toxic tort case   Veterans Way, residential explosion Richmond Explosions, airliner crash Rockaway Tradgedy, warehouse blaze, Factory Destroyed, hotel fire or maritime disaster   Lost at Sea, or workmans compensation cases. Founding partner Jon Gill has extensive experience with automobile personal injury protection and property damage subrogation matters, is a certified arbitrator and past member of the New State Department of Insurance loss transfer advisory committee.

Insurance and Liability Litigation

The attorneys of Creedon & Gill are experienced litigators who are courtroom tested by the difficult liability and damage issues presented by complex cases that involve grave or catastrophic injuries or death or large exposures in property damage or product liability scenarios. The founding partners of Creedon & Gill have successfully resolved or tried cases to verdict in the State and Federal courts concerning Casino Land Grabs construction, premises and New York's labor law Brooklyn Collapse   Scaffold Failure   Plunging Elevator,   motor vehicle and tractor trailer collisions   Trooper Fatality and complicated medical matters First Responders and Mulitple Myeloma,

Insurance Fraud

The attorneys of Creedon & Gill provide unmatched levels of experience and ability to their clients fights against insurance fraud. Founding partner and former homicide prosecutor Peter Creedon is exceptionally experienced in this field, having supervised the fifteen attorneys handling these matters as a managing attorney with The Travelers and personally litigated the successful resolution of complicated recovery and declaratory judgment actions as a trial attorney. Executing their clients mission critical strategies with speed, accuracy and success is a Creedon & Gill specialty.

Personal Concerns

The attorneys of Creedon & Gill have families who rely on them, so they know that many times the most pressing legal needs anyone can have do not involve a big company or even a big case. Because our clients come first, Creedon & Gill provides comprehensive legal services for personal and private concerns. Whatever your legal needs are, there is a flexible fee arrangements to fit your business plan or budget, starting with an initial consultation that is always free.